“Will you be ma” is the first preview album by South Korean boy group “Newkidd”. It was released on January 25, 2018 by J-flo Entertainment. Newkidd is a boy group composed of four members from Ji Hansol to Yun Min, Woo Chul, and Jin Kwon. As you can see, in this album jacket shooting scene, “Newkidd” means “Newface”. And it also means “New Generation key of the Dream”.

The song, “Will you be ma” in this album, consists of themes of a story of a childhood crush that you may have this experience. In addition, The lyrics of the song were inspired by the real stories of the members which develop our bond of sympathy. It is a touching track that brings you back to memories of first love.

In this video, “Will you be ma” opens with showing the filming site. Ji Hansol, who looking the camera, sitting on the chair, is famous member for his dancing skills and various activity careers in idol. And the next, Yunmin, who playing with basketball, is one of the famous member in this group. The overall ambience was made to look like the Newkidd’s art movies.

In this teaser, Ji Hansol, who is one of the “Newkidd” members, shows a boyish look, at first, and soon after, a soft charisma with his restrained dancing. He is talented enough to be in every team’s dancing line-up in the world.

He has deep and sharp features which are impressing other people. Due to this type of appearance, he is already quite popular in South-East Asia.

In this teaser, Yunmin, who is one of the “Newkidd” members, shows an emotional and liberal movement in the old school. Yunmin, in the film, catches our eyes with his chic and youthful look. In fact, he was born in 2001. and his birthday was a week ago, Feburary 26, please celebrate it on comment 😀

Here is behind the scenes! Their look at the first shooting looks exciting and bright. In fact, they are looking forward to meet with their fans. what’s even more exciting is that they are on the brink of a formal debut!

in the interview, they said, “We would like to meet our fans, and have fan meeting and autograph session together.” They are also very interested in South-East Asia, so they may be able to go on a tour soon, too. Don’t miss out on their debut and growth! 😀

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