Midwinter in January, Newkidd’s members, Jinkwon and Woochul, rushed in a popular Dessert Caffe in Seoul, with their fans in daily cams! After they entered the Caffe, They poured milk into a dessert that looked like a cake!

At first, I was very embarrassed 😀 When I asked my Korean friends about it, It seemed to be a popular new dessert in Korea 🙂 Through daily cams, they showed their daily lives vividly, as if they were eating with their fans. So, Enjoy It with Newkidd!

Midwinter in February, Newkidd’s member, Yunmin, went to Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong, a famous street in Korea, and enjoyed eating pasta! His pasta looks like tomato pasta with bread.

I’m more interested in the way he eats bread than pasta. How cute mumbling he is 😀 and it is also cute to see chocolate on the cake, and pick it up to cam, and eat it with excitement. 🙂 Enjoy Yunmin Eating!

1 Week before “the Newkidd’s first fan sign meeting”, Yunmin had a Mukbang, which is Korean “Eating Show”, with his fans through daily cams. Whenever cutting pork cutlet into pieces, He showed it to fans through daily cams! How soft and adorable! Enjoy watching this, and Have fun!

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