Category - Beauty

Everyday makeup

What kind of make-up does she usually do in common not costume? Many people were curious, so she made a video about makeup that she used to make. Let’s start...

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CL inspired makeup tutorial

Do you know CL? CL was a rapper in K-POP 2ne1 group. Now the group disbanded but she still plays music in the United States and Korea. Today, ssin will doing female idol...

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Kylie Jenner make up

Do you know Kylie jenner? Today, ssin chose Kylie Jenner, business woman who gets her own makeup sold out in a flash, Follow her as she transform into the makeup super...

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Calm Beige Makeup

Today makeup that she prepared for today uses a lot of beige, a color warmer than coral and she will be using the color to portray a calm and classy look. Shall we start...

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Pink In Bloom Makeup

If spring comes, what kind of make-up would you like to do? Today, she will be showing you guys simple spring makeup look. Today makeup is very lovely and pinkish, so if...

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Petal Skin Look

Today, makeup artist PONY has prepared for you guys who is worried about your skin because it is not good. If you want to make your skin make up more perfect, please...

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