The food made from the above video is watermelon ade.
It is a drink made using watermelon, a cool summer fruit.
It is cool and refreshing so it is good to eat in the summer.

How to make is not so hard so it is good food to serve to friends.
Usually watermelons are made with juice,
Try making a watermelon guide with cider.
It will be fusion food to get a different feeling.

The following ingredients are used in this food.
Watermelon (1/8 barrel) 600g, cider (200ml) 1 cup, lemon, a bit of ice, mint

The following is a recipe for this food.
Remove skin and seeds from watermelon and cut into bite-sized pieces.
(Cut decorated watermelon into small pieces with skin or scoop into rounds with a spoon.)
Beat lemon half with a squeezer and half with a slice.
Mix watermelon and cider and lemon juice and grind them together.
(When using unsweetened soda, adjust the sweetness by using syrup or sugar.)
Pour watermelon noodles into glasses and garnish with small ground watermelon, lemon, and mint leaves.

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