Sweet potatoes are a very healthy ingredient.
Also, can make various food with sweet potato.
Though it is simple, the way to enjoy sweet potatoes is shown in the above video.
It is a dish called sweet potato chips.

The skin side is frying sweet potato to reduce loss of nutrition
It is also a perfect dish for children’s snacks, as it takes advantage of the sweet taste of sweet potatoes.
The ingredients in this dish are small and the recipe is simple.
Therefore, I recommend you to try this dish.

The following materials are of joint type :
3 sweet potatoes, 1 pinch of salt, just enough to eat oil

The following is a recipe for this food.
Wash sweet potatoes thoroughly with the skin and slice into a circle 0.5cm.
Rinse sweet potatoes under running water, soak in cold water for 10 minutes, then drain on a kitchen towel. (If you put sweet potatoes into water and then use them, they won’t stick together when the starch season is taken out.)
Fry sweet potatoes until they are golden brown in 160 degree oil ; drain and sprinkle with salt on kitchen towels.
Please enjoy it in the right bowl.

Soyoung An

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