Have you ever been to Singapore? Today, I would like to introduce you to PONY make-up of Singapore. When you visit a tourist spot, you should make perfect makeup with simple makeup tools. Let’s start it.

First, just a bit of primer and cushion. Next, she will be using concealer and today she wants to go for a radiant look. So, although she doesn’t normally use it, apply liquid concealer to brighten up the area under her eyes with the flat side of the brush.

Now she has corrected her complexion with the foundation, and covered up imperfections with concealer. Next is powder, right? She will be using EGLIP’s blur pact. Everyone, you can’t think of “coverage” as the main purpose of powder. The main purpose is “fixing”.  When you draw eyebrow, you should brush them out before filling them in.

Next, use her fingers to spread this base color on the entire eyelid. And use a brush to apply this copper brown color to the crease. Mix 2 colors together to make a neutral brown color that isn’t warm or cool. Apply it to the end of the eye like she is rolling the brush, and spread it to the front of the crease. She will do a “point” on the under line. Start on the inner of the under line and naturally bring it to the middle of the under line. Then, us a black color to fill in between the eyelashes.

Third, she will use peach color blusher. Use the flat side of the brush to pick up the product, then tap the excess off on the back of her hand. On the area that you’d like, tap the brush to apply the color. Everyone’s shading comes in different types, styles, methods. If you want to cut down and shaving, follow pony’s shading method.

Finally, Cherry red color tint is applied on all over the lip, then get rid of the stickiness of tint. All makeup process is complete!

How do you like pony’s make-up today? Can you feel the atmosphere of Singapore from her face? If you are traveling to Singapore, make sure to try this make-up.

Dabin Lee

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