What shoes are you wearing now? Today you will see footage of Top 10 most iconic sneakers.

Number 10, the 574s New Balance doesn’t sound that flaw but on your foot this is an incredible shoe considered a signature shoe for New Balance even by the company itself this trainer is now one of the most versatile all-purpose shoes on the market bizarrely. These shoes are cool shoes that represent New Balance.

Number 9, the pump Reebok. This revolutionary piece of footwear would make it onto this list for its sheer innovation alone because of its fairly clean high-top design. The eye is drawn to the large orange pump in the shape of a basketball found on the tongue which sets Reeboks pump apart from other similar styles of the era.

Number 8, the Air Max 90 Nike and it’s classic to air max 90s. It called air max three until it was renamed for its launch in the year 2000. The air max 90 wasn’t the first Nike trainer to have a visible air but it is the air max design iteration that perhaps stood the test of time.

Number 7 is authentic vans, Number 6 is classic leather Reebok. Number 5 is suede puma. Number 4 is Air force 1 Nike. Number 3 is superstar Adidas.

Number 2, Air Jordan one Nike. The greatest player to of ever played basketball would inevitably require a shoe to match his dedication innovation and class all these are attributes the first iteration of the Air Jordan series had in abundance.

Number 1, Cuck Taylor All-Stars. Marky converse founder the company was so impressed with what he’d done to improve the product and that he put chucks name on the product in 1923. Do you want more?

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