The food shown in the video above is French toast with cream cheese in it.
We can make French toast easily.
I often eat it instead of eating on busy mornings.
But the French toast in this clip is a little different from what we usually eat.
So, the process is a little bit more annoying. But it tastes much better than regular French toast.

French toast is literally food made in France.
They are usually made by soaking bread in egg water.
It has a soft texture and a sweet taste of bread.
Enjoying it with fruit juice or milk can make it more delicious.

The ingredients of food are as follow.
bread, 3 eggs, 300ml milk, 3Tbs maple syrup
200g cream cheese, blueberries, raspberries, powdered sugar

The recipe of food are as follow.
In a bowl, add and mix cream cheese and 1Tbs maple syrup until soft.
Add and mix blueberries and raspberries into (1) cream cheese mixture.
Slit the bread deeply, but don’t cut all the way through. And stuff cream cheese mixture into bread.
In a small bowl, add and mix eggs, milk and 2Tbs maple syrup.
Soak the (3) bread into (4) egg mixture, melt the butter on a pan and toast until golden brown.
If you use hard bread like baguette, soak for longer.
Serve on a dish and sprinkle with powdered sugar and maple syrup. Done!

You can taste this food in a cafe.
Now, while watching the video, it would be good to make your own food.
Do this for the children because it is easy for them to eat.

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