The food in the video above is bacon tomato quiche.
It is good for brunch, and to eat lightly during busy days.
The cook in the video uses bacon and cheese, but the ingredients can be chosen to suit his or her tastes.
You can enter the mushrooms and meat, broccoli, whatever.
Various methods will give you another taste.
If you put more egg water than topping, you can taste softer food.

The ingredients of the food are as follows.
Pie crust: 120g flour, 2g salt, 10g sugar, 70g butter, 1 egg yolk
2 eggs, 1 cup heavy cream, 2 strips of bacon, half a handful of spinach
some tomatoes, cheese(cheddar&parmesan), salt to taste

The recipe of the food are as follows.
In a food processor, put all of the pie crust ingredients and blend until crumbly.
If mixing by hand without food processor, rub flour and diced butter together.
If you are kneading with hands, the dough can be a bit drier than
when using a food processor. Add 1/2~1 Tbs water.
Place pie crust in a plastic bag and roll the pie sheet. And then, let stand in refrigerator for 30min.
Cut the topping ingredients into bite size pieces.
Fry bacon until well browned.
In a small bowl, add and mix eggs, heavy cream, salt and pepper.
Transfer the pie sheet to mold and poke the bottom using a fork.
Place cooked bacon, tomato and spinach and sprinkle with cheese. And then, pour the egg mixture on the pie crust.
Bake in preheated oven at 170℃ for 30min.

It is also good to get up late on Sunday morning and cook this food.
Since the ingredients for food are almost at home, let’s enjoy a soft, simple brunch.
Eating a pie, not a dessert, is a unique experience.
The sour taste of tomatoes and the soft texture of pie will blend well.

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