What is in your closet? Obviously there will be out of style products. If this is the case, you should get rid of it. But this is Jose’s personal opinion, so do not take it too seriously. It’s just a video.

Number one, there are any outdated pair of shoes you may own. There are shoes shown in video and a pair of ‘nike shox’ that Jose says in video.

Number two, as you can see in the video, it is not good pants like rainbow pants. These are out of style, and fashion will never come back.

Number three, there is a boxy, unfit suit that is shown in the video. These suits are old style and can be discarded.

Number four, there is men’s DIY cutout tank top shown in video.

Number five, there are tacky accessories and jewelry anything that looks too childish or cheap. For example, there is a watch shown in video.

Number six, any type of gag graphic tees. The example can be found in the video.

Number seven, there is crocs shoes. The reason can be found in the video.

Number eight, there is rocking t-shirt that shown in video.

Number nine, there is fleece jackets. It’s hard to layer and it’s just an unstylish jacket.

Number ten, there is excessively dirty or out worn shoes.

You can see more detail by watching the video. Again, this is just Jose’s opinion, so you can have a different opinion. It would be nice to compare it with your opinion.

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