The food that is shown in the video clip is rice bowl with marinated salmon,
which is trending on social media.
The food called rice bowl with marinated salmon must be very strange.
It is popular food in SNS these days,
It is simple food that can wait after the salmon is soaked in tsu.
If you like Japanese food, salmon with rice, it is worth a try.
Salmon’s salesmanship and the salty taste of tsu make a very good dish when eaten with rice.

The ingredients of this dish are as follow.
500g Raw salmon(sushi grade), mentsuyu(noodle soup base)
a little black pepper, a little of sesame oil

The recipe of this dish are as follow.
Slice the fresh salmon into bite sized pieces.
In an airtight container, put the salmon and add mentsuyu, sesame oil and pepper.
The recipe said to use 400% tsuyu concentrate, but this clip used just tsuyu.
Cover the salmon tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6 to 12 hours. Done!
Serve with rice. You can add wasabi, chopped green onion, seaweed and egg yolk to taste.

It will be really simple and easy to make.
If you usually enjoy sushi or raw fish, salmon can be used as fish instead.
You need horseradish and onions to eat with rice, as is the last part of the recipe.
That way, you can enjoy the genuine taste of rice with salmon.
The food will make an extravagant meal.

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