The scarf is a fantastic cold weather accessory being both stylish and functional. For thousands of years militaries have used scarves to differentiate soldiers from what battalion and regiment they belong to, to what specific duties they had in combat.

Today, wool, cashmere, and even synthetic materials scarves are primarily used for their ability to insulate the neck keep it warm while providing freedom of movement. Scarves come in a variety of lengths. In today’s video, we’re going to look at ten manly ways to tie a scarf.

The first way to wear a scarf is the Drape. The Drape leans more towards style rather than function as it’s a great way to add a dash of color to your drab overcoat and draw attention to your face.

The Drape is best for when the weather is cool, but not necessarily cold.

As the name implies, just drape the scarf over your neck.

The second way to wear a scarf is the Once Around. Once Around provides more warmth around the neck than the Drape, and so can be worn incolder weather. Start by draping the scarf over your neck making one end longer than the other.

The third way to wear a scarf is the Over Hand. The Over Hand scarf knot is very simple to tie. It looks clean and functional and provides good protection to the neck in cool weather. To get started, drape the scarf over your neck making one end longer than the other.

The next scarf knot we’re going to talk about is the Reverse Drape.

This is a great option for colder weather as it provides a lot of protection to the neck.

Next method of tying scarf is the Parisian Knot, a very classy looking scarf knot. It provides great warmth to the neck and is an awesome choice in colder weather.

In addition, there are 10 methods such as Four in hand and Twice around. For more information and how to do it, please check the video directly.

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