The food in the video is called cannule.
The dish is French, crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside.
It is very addictive and delicious food.
It is good to eat it on the day you cook because it is delicious food when it is crispy.
It may be a little humid the next day.
The way to make the dough for this dish is very simple, but expensive and difficult to manage.
So it is difficult to make food.
Let’s just use the video as a way to appreciate it with our eyes.
And it would be wise to buy and eat this food.

The ingredients of the food are as follows.
500ml milk, 200g sugar, 100g bread flour or all-purpose flour, 50g melted butter
2 eggs and 2 egg yolks, 1Tbs dark rum, 2 vanilla beans

There is something to be careful about when you cook this food. Prepare to use a cannule frame.
First of all, clean the mold using paper towel,
coat the inside with butter and bake in preheated oven at 220~230℃ for 20min.
Remove from the oven, clean the mold using paper towel while mold is hot. And let cool it.
In a double boiler, add equal parts natural beeswax and butter and melt completely.
Pour melted beeswax into the clean molds and quickly pour the excess wax out immediately.
The wax coating must be of even thickness for evenly baked caneles.
After use, clean the mold with dry towel or paper towel while hot. You only need to do step(3) from next time.
The beeswax is not crucial but it helps the canele to be crispier and shinier on the outside.
You can use butter only to coat the molds.
The saucepan you used for melting beeswax cannot be cleaned completely so use a pan dedicated for this only or that you don’t use.

The recipe of the food are as follows.
Halve the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the seeds.
In a sauce pan, put the milk, vanilla seeds and vanilla bean and simmer. (Don’t boil it.)
In a large bowl, add eggs, sugar and melted butter and mix well.
Add sifted flour and mix well. And then, pour (2)milk mixture and mix thoroughly.
Add rum and mix well.
Strain the canele batter and refrigerate for 1 to 2 days.
Pour the canele batter into the coated molds.
Bake the preheated oven at 230℃ for 10min, lower temperature to 190℃ and bake 40 more minutes.
Temperature and baking time may vary due to type of the oven.
Quickly remove canele from the molds and cool on a wire rack.

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