After Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins at the beginning of February 2017, it was hard to picture any other announcement could match that big-time buzz. But then came George and Amal Clooney’s own good news. This A-list couple announced that they are also expecting twins this year. And considering many of his fans never expected the eternal Hollywood bachelor to settle down, let alone become a father, it was a surprise indeed to hear that George and Amal would welcome not one but two little Clooney kids into the world. Just as Amal has been a force of nature at the podium in her work as a human rights lawyer, she’s also been a picture of perfection on the proverbial runway. Part of the fun of following Amal’s impressive career and relationship with Clooney is that she’s also quite playful when it comes to her fashions. It’s like she was meant to live under the spotlight, if only to reflect it onto even more important issues along the way. So, the announcement of their bundles of joy-to-be was made even more exciting by the fact that Amal is about as chic as they come these days. Her pregnancy style was just bound to be on-point. Given that grand tradition that she has so tastefully established, let’s talk about the clothes she’s chosen during her pregnancy, shall we?


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