Do you know a lot about shoes? Shoes are a very important part of styling. You need to find the right shoes for you to create a stylish style. In the video, Jose will give you a lot of information. Let’s look at the ten of information Jose says. It’s gonna change your life.

Number one There are shoes that smell when you go to your shoebox. Do not worry. Put some dry tea bags and green tea bags in your shoes. It is gonna absorb all that bad things. And you can get green tea smell in shoes.

Number two, The sole of leather shoes is very beautiful. But this is so smooth and extremely slippery. This is very dangerous, so some sandpaper will help. By using this, you can escape the danger.

Number three, Do not worry if your shoes get wet. When your leather shoes are wet, you can roll the newspaper and put it in your shoes.

Number four, If your foot size is ambiguous, your shoes may be large. In this case, simple thing you can do is add some insoles. Insole is gonna elevate your foot inside. Therefore your shoes actually fit you.

Number five, You can make your shoes waterproof. Canvas sneakers in winter can get wet when it comes to snow or rain. Put the candles in your Canvas sneakers. The next time you apply heat, your shoes will be waterproof.

In addition, there are method of cleaning using toothpaste and a method of tying shoelaces. There are using a shoehorn, using baby powder, and replacing a shoelace. More information can be found in the video. I hope your life will change.

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