How did you spend your last day of 2017? Did you have a great time finishing up your year with your loved ones and friends? How are you going to spend the last day of 20018? You might want to show people you are more beautiful and mature than you have been in a year. Try to do makeup on December 31, 2018 for Pony to show you about. I think you can be the most amazing and luxury woman anyone can ever make. Then, Let’s start.

She selected a shade of foundation that is lighter than her skin. Next she apply concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes. She tend to use cream blush when it gets cold so she use red cream blush today. Apply a thin layer of a dark shade to achieve the translucent skin look.

She draw her eyebrows in a soft arch, not making the arch too dramatic. She used the contour shadow from before on her eyes, make sure to shade the entire eyelid. She is using a matte, pink brown eye shadow to give her eyes a reddish hue. Apply it to the outer half of the crease and the outer half of the underline.

She draw her eye lines with brown eye liner, please fill in the lash line, then draw the wing slightly upwards. Next, use your finger to tap a subtle glitter eye shadow. On the center of your eyelid, to make your eyes appear less dull.

Now, it’s time for the highlight of this loo, the under eye glitter. Very important step. Please watch the video in detail.

The last step is for lip makeup. She used two different lip products. First, apply rose- pink colored tint all over the lips, in a way that looks smudged. Then apply a warm MLBB lipstick, avoiding the inner part of your lips. MLBB is a word that means My Lip But Better. The makeup is complete.

The unique feature of this look is the glitter under the eyes. She calls it “snow flake makeup” because the glitter resembles snowflakes right before they melt. The warm colors mingle with the small yet brilliant flecks of glitter which is why I think it’s perfect for the end of the year.

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