Ordinary women will often use common colors such as red, pink, and orange when making lip makeup. Actually, there are many different colors in lipstick, such as black and blue. If you want to try a color that you can’t easily try, I recommend a video by makeup artist Pony. Today, she will be showing you how she did a purple lip look that she posted on Instagram. Let’s begin the tutorial.

For her foundation, she chose the Too Faced on that she has been using a lot lately. She recommend this to people with dry skin who want coverage, since it’s not too matte and lasts long. She used a pink concealer to add volume to certain areas of her face.

She personally loves using cream blushes. This is dull shade of mauve pink, but it suits her complexion well. For this look, she contoured more dramatically. Specially, the secret contouring zone for this look. If you contour the back of your eyes diagonally, like this. It can make smokey eyes appear more deep set. Don’t forget this tip!

Second step is doing her eye makeup. First, she applies a matte. dark ash brown and matte, dark red brown to the entire eyelid and underline. She uses a shimmery caramel color to her underline and draws cat eye lines with black gel eyeliner. For a stronger cat feeling, fill in the waterline of your inner underline.

She used a dual product to bring out both the yin and yang of her face. So she applied this to the outer part of her face for a healthy glow.

Finally, she apply her favorite purple lipstick and use a plum burgundy eyeliner on the inside on he lips for gradation. Then purple lip makeup look is complete.

If you follow PONY, you can be a master of makeup. If you use a shade of purple with warmer undertones, it will be easier to pull off. Although purple is so dramatic color, you can try this makeup on special occasions.

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