Do you have any plans to go on a trip this coming summer? Blue sea, hot sunlight, and imagination are enough to make us excited. Today, she is going to show you a nice color point makeup for when you go on vacation. Rather than eye shadow, she will teach you fun way to add color with eyeliner. Let’s find out more. Let’s start!

First step is skin makeup. She uses a liquid concealer. In order to give her face a 3D effect, She used the lightest color, Very pear. Before applying the foundation, if you use a bright colored liquid concealer in theses area, your foundation won’t be too thick and you will get a natural 3D effect. Now use powder foundation for an the overall even skin tone. For her eyebrows, she used a deep brown pencil. For those who have the light color if you use a color that matches your hair and it comes out a light blonde, your feature may look dull and the balance of your makeup could be ruined, so choose a safe color.

Now, let’s do eye makeup after using eyebrow powder to give our eyes, nose and lips some depth. Using a non-shimmery red brown, she will add some definition to her eyelids and under eyes. In a circular motion, add heavy definition from the outside corner to the inside corner. For the under eye, she will use a smaller brush the size of her fingertip. Add definition from the outside to the middle part of her under eye.

Now, it’s time to add a color point with color pencil liners. She is using 3 colors. Since they are a combination of pencil and gel eyeliners, they doesn’t budge of smudge. First, let’s us the wine burgundy and apply it in-between her waterline and eyelashes and draw a long and thick wing. Now she will use the Popping Orange color to draw from the inner corner to a little over half-way on her bottom lid. Use the rose brown color on the outer corner of her under eye. This color is really pretty.

The last step is lip makeup. She picked a burgundy lip color, Mac’s Diva. It’s a matte lipstick, if you use this color all over your lips it gives off a really clean feel. When you do strong eye makeup, it’s the best to use a nude or a bold color like this. Finish it off with a lip liner and all makeup process is complete.

Thus, in this makeup video, Pony teach you how to draw a fake tattoo with eye liner. So please watch this video in detail 🙂

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