Paris Red Lip Makeup

Have you ever been to Paris, France? Paris is a very nice city, such as the Eiffel Tower and the music that is playing on the streets. Today, makeup artist PONY will be showing your how to do the makeup look she was doing in Paris. The accent of the look is a warm red lip. If you’re going to Paris, I hope you watch this video.

It was so cold that day, so she used a primer. This product is hydrating while also brightening subtly. so it’s perfect for cold weather. She is using a brush for a thin application, and so it could adhere better to her skin. For foundation, she is using Lancome’s Teint Miracle. It has decent coverage and is long lasting, so even people with redness can use a small amount. PONY’s recommendation is using Bare Minerals’ skin makeup products. They don’t have the best coverage, but they are extremely natural while adhering well. Next she fills in her eyebrows in a soft arch.

The first eyeshadow, she uses MAC, soba. Apply it to the entire eyelid. And she uses a matte, deep brown for making her eyes more darker. The second eye shadow is brick brown color. Apply it broadly to the end, as if you are blocking it off. She uses a champagne glitter eye shadow as an accent.

The last step is the accent color, red lip makeup. The lip stick she used is a warm red, the color of a tomato. First fill in the inner part of her lips then spread it neatly with a lip brush.

How is it? Doesn’t it feel like Paris ‘ luxury? Subtle yet stylish red lipstick was the most important part of make-up today. When you travel to Paris, use this video to make up, and you can become the most wonderful woman in Paris.

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