How was your last Christmas? Did you have a good Christmas with your loved one? If not, you don’t have to be depressed because today’s Pony’s Christmas makeup will make you happier next Christmas. Then, let’s begin!

She is going to use a lot of red, so she is eliminating any existing redness with a green base. She apply and spreads foundation to make the skin more smooth. The formula of the concealer that she used is very solid, so this product will last you a long time. Apply it to dark circles and redness around the nose.

She uses a fuchsia cream blusher for a stained cheek look. Apply the blush directly to your foundation sponge and pat it onto your cheeks.

Next, she used a matte ash brown shadow with a minimal amount of red pigment. The first eye shadow she used is plum color. To prevent it from being too dramatic, shade up to the crease and blend out the edge, So the plum is very subtle. Now, she is going to blend out the edge of the plum. She used a shimmery ash brown eye shadow. Lightly blend out the upper border of the plum so it transitions softly. Next, tan gold glitter eye shadow to the center of the underline for a brilliant look.

For the red lips, she used a tint instead of a lipstick. By applying a tint the toe entire lips and dabbing off the excess, you can achieve a more bright and vibrant red lip. All makeup processes are complete!

Today, she showed you how to do Christmas makeup she did while she was waiting for Christmas, The key features of this look are the gold eye glitter and the red lips. She used gold, red and white to create a Christmas feel. It’s not difficult, so you should be able to follow easily.

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