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Do you know the Sims game? Sims is a video game that is usually about the simple lives of people. Shims in the game create and live a normal life. Today, makeup artist PONY will be showing you a makeup look inspired by a character from The Sims, a game I really like. It’s not an original Sim but she based this look on a Sim skin that users created.

The focus of this look is shimmery and sparkly skin. First she uses a pearl base with a soft shimmer. She picks a foundation that spreads lightly. To achieve pale Sim skin, she uses a shade that is way lighter than my actual face. In order to brighten up the center of the face, apply blush mostly to the inner part of the cheeks. For radiant skin and a soft and matte finish, load up your brush with lavender-colored loose powder.

Sim skins have a variety of eyebrow shapes, but the sim skin she chose has short and straight eyebrows.

The next step is contouring, which is a vital part of Sims makeup. For a slightly artificial look deeply contour the front of the eyes and the slides of the nose. She uses a contour shade for the eye makeup too. Apply a yellow-toned contour shadow to the entire upper and lower eyelids. If you don’t shade the enter of the upper eyelid, your eyes can look more three dimensional.

Now she is going to apply a shimmery red eye shadow to the ends of her eyes. Lightly apply the eye shadow as if you are blocking the corner off. And she adds a point to the eyes by using a shimmery champagne stick eye shadow. Custom sims usually have bright inner corners, so she uses the eye shadows to achieve this look.

For her upper eyes, she will be using a dark brown gel eyeliner. After filling in the waterline and lash line, draw the wing so it’s straight and not too long.

Now. she will move on to the doll-like eyelashes, which is a characteristic of custom sims. She uses a total of 3 false eyelashes, 2 for the upper eyelashes, 1 for the lower eyelashes. Next, for the uniquely lustrous nonhuman skin, she uses a high lighter and shading.

Third step is for blush and lip makeup. Apply it to the area on the cheeks directly below the eyes, simply go this by using the flat side of the brush to draw a plus sign. To look like a custom Sim, the lips are also important, Using a vivid cherry red lip crayon, concentrating on the inner part. Applying a ton of clear lip gloss, and the makeup is complete!

Isn’t it amazing that she can make up as a character? Pony is probably the best makeup artist in the world. I recommend watching her other make-up video after subscribing for Pony.

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