Simple Makeup for Class

Cosmetics is a way for women of all ages to be beautiful. Recently, even young students do makeup, but today, Pony tries to introduce makeup that is easy and simple for students. Students may not know what to do because they lack makeup information. I hope today’s Pony make-up video will help many students.

First step is BB cream. When you need even simpler makeup, you can use cushion foundation. If there are remaining blemishes, use concealer. Spread stick concealer on the edge of the sponge you just used and cover blemishes by stamping it on your face.

The next step is your eye brows and eyes. Fill in your eyebrows by following your natural shape. She will use a contour eye shade with a strong yellow tone. Use your fingertip to apply it to the entire eyelid. To add life, shall we use stick eye shadow as a point? Draw it on the center of the under line and the eyelid, then use your fingertips to spread it out smoothly. Focus this step, although it’s fine to simply use a contour color, if you use a shimmery stick shadow as a point even though it’s a simple makeup, it can give a very full look.

She will use a brown pencil eyeliner that is quick to draw with and easily fixable. You can choose a shade of brown that goes with your hair color or skin tone.

The final step is for blush and lip color. She will use a same product. Mix a beige color with a mauve pink color and apply it with your fingertips. Use your fingertip to apply a plum color to the inner part of the lips. Then, if you use the mauve pink color on the outer part of the lips, the makeup is complete!

Did this video help you, students? Today’s makeup is not anything special, but with uncomplicated products and tools, along with easy steps. This is a makeup look you can depend on for your busy mornings. You can make a high quality makeup with simple make-up tools. Try to find your own make-up rather than getting too much make-up to wear.

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