Matte Mauve Smoky Makeup

Smoky make-up is usually a high-difficulty make-up for women. Smoky makeup, which emphasize dark eye make-up and don’t emphasize lips, can make the entire outfit look strange if it is wrong. However, as winter approaches, We can’t give up our desire for Smoky Makeup. Today, let’s slowly learn about Smoky Makeup by watching a video by Pony. Today she prepared a smoky makeup look that matches the cold weather. Since it emphasizes the eyes, the lips won’t be as pigmented.

First, she apply a primer that naturally makes your skin look moisturized. Because we are going to make the skin look slightly matte, she is using a primer to moisturized. She used a cream foundation and liquid concealer with a silky texture. And she uses powder on the larger areas of the face first, then the smaller areas.

Second step is for eye makeup. For the first eye shadow, she uses a grayish purple eye shadow. Starting at the crease, apply it to the upper eyelid. Next, she uses a warm and matte camel colored eye shadow, blend the edges of the eye shadow from the last step.

Many people have some trouble with doing smoky makeup. Don’t worry! When you are using a more dramatic color, using a warm contour shadow to blend the edges can make it look less harsh. With an almost black espresso color, shade the outer corners of the eyes as if blocking them off. Now, to lessen the heavy feeling, shall we use a pink gold glitter shadow as a point? Using your fingertip, apply it to the center of the eyelid to give it volume. And apply bright high-light color shadow to the inner corners for a glamorous look.

Now she use a black pencil eyeliner. After drawing a nice and thick line including the lower waterline, blend with a small shadow brush. And she make her eyes stand out more with false eyelashes!

The last step is blush and lip makeup. She uses a shimmery warm pink blush. Finally she uses a slightly dull light pink lipstick on the entirety of the lids.

Smoky make-up, if you just follow Pony’s advice, that’s fine. Because makeup artist Pony is excellent. Please try Smoky Makeup using these detailed tips that she gave you.



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