After the cold winter season and spring comes, women’s makeup and clothing changes. What kind of make-up do you usually do in the warm spring? If you are bored with the same make-up every time, how about the dreamy pink and spring make-up. Make-up artist Pony will introduce today? Let’s find out.

She is going to use a light-colored makeup base. Pink makeup also works well with a healthy complexion, but I wanted a pale looked. So she uses a foundation that isn’t too yellow. She spreads on a light layer of foundation.

The next step is doing her eyebrows and eye makeup. She uses a reddish brown eyebrow pencil. She drew straight eyebrows. She is going to use a matte and peach brown eye shadow as a base. Spread it to the entirety of the upper and lower eyelids. I am going to add a bit of red to the end of the eyes. Apply it as if you are blocking off the end.

Next, rather than emphasize the eyeliner, lightly draw the eyeliner with a reddish, light brown pencil.

For dewy skin, she won’t use powder but instead she uses a baby pink cream blush. She uses a slightly toned down pink lipstick. The color isn’t very saturated so it’s a shade of pink that wouldn’t make you look washed out. To make it a little vivid, apply a touch of cherry tint to the inner part of the lips. All make up processes are over!

How do you like the make-up video I introduced today? Spring can be boring if you give it a only feeling of warmth. I hope you can spend a happy spring with your loved ones by making up your face with dreamy pink color in the upcoming spring.

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