The food made in the above video is green tea castera.
You may find the name green tea castera not easy, either.
It is a soft bread called castera, and it is a food that smells like green tea.
The ingredients and the process for making this food are very simple.
However, you need to try to make a good texture and taste.
You need to let the eggs grow to their full extent to make a fluffy castera.
Otherwise, you may make strange bread, not soft .

The ingredients for this dish are as follows.
4 eggs, 100g sugar, 30g honey, 6g green tea powder(matcha powder)
100g cake flour, 30g milk, 1tsp vanilla extract or rum

The recipe for this dish are as follows.
Separate the eggs.
In a bowl, add and beat the egg yolks, honey, vanilla extract and sugar until pale yellow.
Beat the egg whites with sugar until soft peak.
Fold in (2) egg yolk mixture to meringue.
Add sifted flour and green tea powder and gently fold.
Add milk at a time and gently fold.
Pour the batter into castella mold lined with parchment paper and remove the bubbles using a chopstick.
Bake in the preheated oven at 160C for 40min.
Temperature and baking time may vary due to type of the oven.
Remove from the oven, flip the castella onto teflon sheet or oiled baking paper and cool completely.
Cover with plastic wrap and leave for a day for more moist and delicious cake.
Finally, cut the sides of the finished castera to make the food clearer.

When you are finished cooking, wrap it in a pretty packaging bowl and give it to your friends as a gift.
This well-felt meal will make you a more courteous person.
And the taste of soft bread and bitter green tea will catch the appetite of adults.

Soyoung An

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