Shoes are very important to wear any clothes. Even if you wear simple style clothes, you can also give points with shoes. Matching cool clothes and cool shoes is very important.

Then What shoes should we buy? OR , What shoes would you like to have in 2018? There is a tip for that. The video features jose and his saying ‘top five sneakers’. The sneakers to introduce are super comfortable, super nice style. And best of all they’re affordable.

First is Vans old-school. Every man should have it. This is the one basic that no matter your age, your aesthetic. This is a shoe that can work with every man, every style. It have a classic, simple and easily work with any outfit.

Second is the Yeezy that is adidas product.

Third must-have sneaker is an all white leather sneaker. This is simple basic white leather sneaker. You have to get this in top5, then you can wear with anything and look amazing with it. Example of this is stan smith that is adidas product.

Number four is Nike Presto’s. You’re gonna be wearing everyday and feel like you’re walking on clouds. And it has soft bounce, so you feel pleasureful, don’t feel tired.

Finally, there is Ultra boost that is adidas product. This is super ultra comfortable. It’s still a trendy sneaker that people love. And for the comfort ability that it gives you, it is a must-have item.

If you do not have one of these shoes, how about purchasing these shoes in 2018? It will upgrade your style a bit more. If you want to get a lot of pictures and explanations, check out the video.

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