The food being made in the video is pork cutlet with a thin tap.
Pork cutlet is food made by spreading pork and applying a frying batter.
The combination of the crispness of the fries with the sweetness of the meat makes this dish a specialty.
That can be dip into sauce or pour to eat.
The video also illustrates the process of making a sauce.

It is a description of the material.
6 silces of pork loin, salt and pepper to taste, egg, flour, bread crumbs
pork cutlet Sauce: 1Tbs butter, 1Tbs flour, 150ml milk, 3Tbs ketchup, 5Tbs worcester sauce, 1Tbs sugar, 100ml water, pepper
Garnish(*optional): rice, pickled rasdish(a.k.a. danmuji), cabbage salad

Next is how to make food.
Season the pork with salt and pepper.
Coat the pork with flour, egg and bread crumbs respectively.
Heat the oil to 170℃ and fry the pork until golden brown, flipping mid-way.
Melt the butter in a pan over low heat. And then, add and stir-fry the flour.
Add the milk, worcester sauce, ketchup and water and simmer until thick.
Serve the pork cutlet with sauce.

Since the sauce of the pork cutlet is sweet and sour, little children will love it.
You can also make the meat thin or thick to your liking.
If you value the meat’s juices and texture, use thick meat.
If you think about the harmony with the frying batter, you will use a thin meat.

The sound of frying clothes and fried pork cutlet in oil attracts not only our mouths but also our ears.
Enjoy the crunchy pork cutlet that’s food for your mouth and ears!

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