The dish made in the above video is a dish called onion soup.
As it is a dish made by adding roasted onions, the flavor of onions is still felt and the texture of onions is crispy.
Along with that, the sweetness of the soup will help us eat this food deliciously.
Other than the regular corn soup or mushroom soup, onion soup is not well known to us, but it certainly tastes soft and sweet.

The ingredients of this food are
3 large onion, 4~5Tbs unsalted butter or oil, salt&peppr to taste, 2Tbs flour, 1~2Tbs chopped garlic,
fresh thyme, 100ml white wine(*optional), 700ml water, 1 chicken stock(or vegetable, beef stock),
6 slices baguette, grated gruyere cheese

The recipe of this food are
Thinly slice the onions.
Melt butter in a pot, add onion and pepper and saute until browned for about 30min.
Add the flour and keep sauteeing.
Add chopped garlic, thyme and white wine and keep sautéing.
Add water and chicken stock and keep simmering for about 30min.
While the soup simmers, cut the baguette into 2cm thick slices.
Put the soup in the soup bowl, put the baguette slices on the top and sprinkle the cheese.
Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 5~10min or until cheese is melted.

You may use a material other than the one listed here.
You can use the toothbrush instead of beef or chicken stock.
This soup will make your body healthy.
It will be delicious even for children who can’t eat onions.

While the process of baking onions may be a little annoying, it is really delicious compared to the cost of this dish.
Try to eat this food when you are not feeling well, or when you don’t have an appetite.

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