The food being made in the above video is fried chicken.
Fried chicken is one of the chicken dishes, not roasted or boiled, chicken.
Coat the chicken with batter and fry it in hot oil.
Then a very crispy and delicious chicken is made.

The heart of the dish is a crispy batter.
You can also mix sweet, sour, and mustard sauce in this dish.
However, in this clip, there is only a chicken frying part.
It would be a good experience to try mixing different sauces according to personal tastes.

Then let’s find out what ingredients are in this dish.
2 packs of chicken drumstick (or 1kg), 150g fried chicken batter mix, 150g of water, frying oil
As you can see, the material is very simple.
Aren’t you curious to know what kind of food will be made out of such little ingredients?

And it is a recipe for cooking.
Place the chicken in a bowl, pour the milk and chill for 2 hours or overnight. (This is optional)
In a large bowl, mix the fried chicken batter mix and water. And then, add the chicken and mix well.
Put the fried chicken batter mix in a bag, add the (2)chicken and shake it until well coated.
Fry the coated chicken in hot oil for 8~10min at 170~180℃ until crispy and golden brown.

The recipes are also simpler than other foods.
Let’s try this food at home.
You’re home alone, and when you want to have a midnight snack or drink, it will occur to you.
When you do, you will feel a perfect fit when you eat it with beer.
The frying batter in the chicken may feel a little greasy.
But eating beer makes the greatness go away to some extent.

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