Accessories are good for your style. One of them is watch. Watch is very important to wear any clothes. Even if you wear simple style clothes, you can also give points with one watch. Matching cool clothes and cool watch is very important. So what watch should we buy?

In this video, Jose says 6 popular watch trends for 2018. He love watches and he have an immense collection of watches. So he knows very well about watch trend. We can get a stylish wrist with his informations.

First, there is chronographs watch. It is the most aesthetic style. A chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch. Busy dial of chronograph watch look more expensive without spending a lot of money.

Second is all-black watch. Many watch companies are also working on this trend. Because it is currently a famous trend. The matte black watch in the video is very beautiful, Jose says. This watch uses surgical grade stainless steel, green italian leather. This is very expensive and aesthetic.

Third, Vintage watch. An expensive brand watch does not fit the average male. In this case, the best way for you to check out the quality and those timepieces behind vintage. By purchasing an old Rolex watch, you can get a Rolex without paying the actual price. These vintage watches will also run for 10, 20 more years.

Fourth, Apple watch. Many loving watch men hate this watch probably. But it’s functionality is great and it’s just extremely popular. The Apple watch is definitely trendy and Jose says that he also has one. It will give you a good connection to your casual look.

The fifth is minimalism watch. Many fashion brands to high end watch brands are doing it. They’re going towards that aesthetic of removing the clutter and going for something more simple less cluttered, less complicated.

Finally, the sixth watch trend that is obviously popular right now is just fashion watches in general from any brand. It is true that high-end watch has good quality. But in terms of price, fashion watch is good. The marketing ability of fashion watch is very popular and trending now. It provides reasonable quality at reasonable price.

What clock do you want to have in 2018? Let’s make a cool style with a cool and popular watch. You can see the details through video.

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