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Ordinary women admire sexy and feminine attraction like actresses on TV or in movies. That’s because normal women can’t simply follow. Both sexy clothes and makeup may be something that women don’t usually get access to. But through the makeup video of the makeup artist Pony, we can grow to be more feminine and sexy. This makeup is more about eyelashes and bold eyeliner than color. Strong eye makeup will make you more attractive and sexy.

First, she used a stippling brush for her skin makeup. If it’s your first time using the brush, you might find it hard to use, but once you get used to it, it’s a great tool to apply foundation fast evenly. She used liquid CLIO KILL COVER concealer to avoid thickening her skin makeup. There is PONY’s tip! When you are covering up dark circle, start it bit far from waterline. So it doesn’t emphasize redness of the waterline. Applying the bright color concealer on the center of your face, and use synthetic hair brush size of a thumbnail.

Second, it’s time to do eye and contouring makeup! When you draw eye brow, define the eyebrows by running light layer concealer under the eyebrows for clean and crisp makeup. She used matte walnut ash brown color for contouring.

Next, she used darker color all over the lid to create more depth. Blend it out to pointy shape. So it creates sexy cat eye look and apply the same color along the bottom lash line. Let’s use cool-beige glitter cream shadow as a point color. This shadow will make you more shining with brown color gel eye liner. Please draw the wing little bit longer and more dramatic than usual for this look.

Next, curling your real and false lashes and applying mascara on your lashes for beautiful eye makeup. Because eye makeup is very important for this sexy makeup.

Third step is blusher makeup. Applying the warm pink blush in angle. This pink color makes you more girlish. Also, please use a highlighter with cool pinkish reflection. If you use fingertips instead of a brush, it makes pigment stranger without any fallout. So, it you want strong highlight try this method. Don’t forget this PONY’s tip!

Finally, now we start lip makeup. Apply lip stain all over the lips and let it sit on until it stains. This way you don’t have to worry about lipstick wearing off because you still have lip stain underneath. After this step, apply a bright pink-coral lipstick on your lips.

Being sexy and feminine like actresses on TV or movies is not hard. If you follow Pony’s make-up methods, you can be more beautiful. The biggest center of this makeup is highlighting your eyes. Be a sexy woman with strong eyeliner and eyelashes.

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