Grey purple makeup for fall

What image do you usually think of when you hear the word “fall”? Most people will think of brown, wine color and fallen leaves, and the blue sky. But don’t you want to look more special when everyone puts on makeup that matches common images? Pony’s today makeup is made with a combination of gray and purple. This make-up is good for you in early fall, and if you follow Pony’s make-up method, you can become a fall goddess. She used greyish purple color eyeshadow and dusty rose lipstick for elegant look. Let’s see how to get this look.

First step is skin makeup. Fall is so cool and dry season so, covering pore is important. She used adequate amount of primer to prevent the primer from blocking the pores. Next, she applied foundation with sponge which is damped. After this step, she sprayed face mist before applying 2nd layer of foundation on the cheek. Apply concealer under the eyes and dab it with a sponge.

Second step is eye, eyebrow and contouring makeup. She doesn’t recommend gel type eyebrows If you have mottled eyebrow because of having limit to its pigment. Next, she used contouring shadow to contour her face.

3 different colors for eyes are recommended: pink-gold, reddish brown and greyish purple. When these colors are mixed, they are great for classic and elegant look. For glittering shadows, using fingertips brings out its pigment and sparkle the best. She applied greyish purple on the outer V and all over the lower last line. Next, please apply black eyeliner on upper waterline. Then use brown eyeliner pencil to apply it on the lash line and draw a horizontal flick at the end.

Third step is blusher and lip stick. Pick a blusher that suit the best for your skin tone, and apply very lightly.  She used a nice dusty roes color great for fall. She picked lightweight, sheer texture rather than heavy and creamy. It’s good to use moisturizing texture for dry and windy weather.

All makeup processes are finished! This makeup will make you more special women than others. Because this makeup is consisted of unique grey purple color. When the fall comes, please do this makeup to be a beautiful woman. I strongly recommend this makeup!

Dabin Lee

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