Dewy Khaki Makeup

As winter approaches, women’s worries increase due to the dry, cold weather. Skin makeup can easily get dry, becoming brittle and lifeless. To solve this concern, Pony comes here! In today makeup video, she will be showing you a soft makeup look that incorporates dewy skin and a warm khaki color. If you are worried about getting dry make-up in the winter, be sure to check out this make up video.

First, it’s time to do skin makeup. Since it’s colder, she stated off the base makeup with the cushion foundation that she loved so much last year. By using a dewy foundation with good coverage, you can hide redness without it being cakey. Don’t forget to spread it down to your neck. Next, we will do the cheeks in a way that will match the dewy skin. She will be using the air puff from before to apply a coral cream blush. Apply it on the area under your eyes, when you look directly forward. For the next step, we will be using a slightly bold shading blush. In a tapping motion, apply it to the outline of the face.

Second is doing eye makeup. The first eye shadow she used is in a khaki shade. This color is the main point of this makeup. Next, she used a muted camel brown color. Please apply this shadow on the outer corner of the eyes in a rolling motion. Then gently sweep the color along the eye socket. For the eye liner, she used both black and brown. Black color is for filling your mucous membrane and brown color is used for drawing a line right above the lash line.

There is a special PONY’s tip! By using a liquid eyeliner, you can draw fake lower lashes. People who lack lower lashes, please use this tip.

Third step is for lip make up. She used a marker tint with a warm hue. In cold winter, applying lip balm is necessary.

Ta-da! finally the moist khaki make-up is finished. Moist lips, skin, and sparkling eye make-up will make you a lovely woman even in the dry winter. If you follow PONY, your make-up will not fall get broken in spite of harsh winds. Follow the above steps to try a moist khaki make-up.

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