Do you want to create a different atmosphere with similar clothes? Kyle canard in this video explains it. Canard is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. He will introduce the outfits of the day in the video. He gives tips on how to make your first clothes trendy at night.

First, canard starts with a white T-shirt. He expresses that his t-shirt is perfect fit for his arm. He chose the pants black skinny jeans. Because it is simpler than anything else. And he wear nice white sneakers. Wearing a chain of accessories on pants, put on a watch.

As canard said simplicity is important in the beginning of fashion. It is also important to get away from only very simple by giving a few points in the simplicity.

At night, Canard keeps the clothes he wore, and picked a basic jacket because it is a fitted jacket and also the color of the tone of it is perfect for every shade of skin. So each person should wear it to the shade of skin. And he wear brown suede chelsea boots because it is classic tone. And in the night look he removed the chain to take away the casual look and kept in good black belt. Finally, He wore a gold and black face watch.

Like my saying, he is giving to you to take a daytime outfit straight into a nighttime outfit just changing those few little things.

One of netizens says “Love it. Especially the watches and the black skinny pants” So, if you want to know what he wear, check video right now.

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