I have a question to men. Why do you wear clothes? You are probably going to be good to women. Many men are interested in clothes. There are many people who want to pursue their favorite own unique style, but most people will wear clothes to make them look good to the people around them.

It is the best video for you.

In the video, Alex Costa and Jake Daniels come out. They have a men’s lifestyle channel. They are introducing 4 outfits men wear that women love.

The first one certainly includes a black rider jacket, which jake said. He chose black t-shirt and black jean. He says all black is an unconditional success in fashion.

Second, Alex picked out t-shirts, jeans, and boots. This is normal, but boots make everything stand out and come together. He likes rocking the t shirt and jeans but he feels like sneakers sometimes. it’s just too casual. when he rocks the boots like ankle boots then. it just makes a whole outfit come together.

Plus, Another item that men would wear in that outfit is a nice watch. because the watch makes the whole thing stand out.

The third is a denim jacket. Denim jacket is also an item that can attract women’s attention.

The last is the Athleisure look. Women like a guy who is active. Athleisure look shows that you’re active and have a heathly lifestyle.

Check out the video to get detailed pictures and descriptions.

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